NvIPAM is Open Source

NvIPAM is open source as of today.

After some significant work over the past few weeks, I’m pleased to announce the publication of NvIPAM on Github.

This is really an Alpha release, as I’m sure lots of things will change over the course of time.

The installation is handled by an Ansible playbook, which will install and configure the CentOS machine.  Once installed you’ll need to initialize the database, then start the service.

My plan is to start documenting the project on the Wiki page as I have time.  These articles will cover installing and configuring the vRO plugin, integrating it with vRA, deploying an external vRO appliance (for vSphere IPAM integration).

You can down load your copy at https://kovarus.github.io/NvIPAM/.

Please feel free to add any issues, or even branch it and take it in your own direction.

Stay tuned.


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